At Simply Nerdie, we focus on antibullying through our Simply Nerdie brand as we know bullying continues to impact communities. Our focus is to bring awareness to bullying and come up with solutions to stop bullying on all levels. We know and research backs up bullying still exists in every form of human-to-human interactions.

We know being bullied can cause low self-esteem, and bullying can occur in the workplace, in schools, all kinds of sports, in the home to bullying in the pulpit, no place is exempt from bullying. Understanding and Prevention is key to stopping all forms of Bullying.

History of Simply Nerdie

How Simply Nerdie came about- The story behind Simply Nerdie began in 2017, my son and I came up with an idea as he was being bullied in Junior High School. He was being called names, such as “nerd” in addition to being bullied. We had our father and son conversations as to how to handle situations as well as what can we do to stop the bullying.

We wanted to bring awareness to the issue of bullying itself. Bottom line, no one deserves to be bullied, not my son or any other child. Our conversations included how “Nerds” shape our world. We looked at technology, cool things such as driverless cars, to social media and smart phones, the list was endless. We discussed what being different and unique meant, and what picture some people have in their minds concerning “Nerds”.

We wanted to highlight the good being done by so many who made big differences in our everyday lives yet go unappreciated. We took the word “Nerd” and made it into acronym N.E.R.D meaning - N (Nice), E ( Educated), R (Respectful), D (Determined), something that would be uplifting, bringing awareness and to stop the bullying. We worked on various clothing designs to get our concept across, the original brand was designed for kids, then we included adults.

Our merch is available to purchase online Click here this website will take you to our Simply Nerdie clothing and other items we have for sale. Check out the videos we made regarding Bullying. Thank You for visiting our site. Radio listeners check out the PODCAST on KRUI 89.7FM, look at programming -Simplynerdie/Antibullying.

Mission Statement

Simply Nerdie - We represent being a N.E.R.D. which stands for: Nice Educated Respectful and Determined. Our mission is to eradicate bullying in all facets of life including cyber bullying, school bullying, family bullying, and workplace bullying. We work to uplift and encourage individuals to implement their God given gifts and talents to help improve our society.

We work to decrease bullying by helping those who are bullied to feel empowered and supported in being a N.E.R.D. We help the bully to understand how their bullying impacts the lives of others as well as themselves. We help the by-stander learn techniques they can use to interrupt bullying in action. We acknowledge the bully-blocker actions and encourage them to assist others in taking a stand against bullying when they see it happen.

Our podcast will give professional insight, up to date statistics on bullying as well as tools to stop and prevent bullying from taking place. Our guests will consist of professionals in various fields and guests who are willing to share their personal experiences with bullying. We will discuss and learn from those who have been Bullied, the Bully Blocker, the By-stander and the Bully. Questions from our listeners may be directed to our email address: simplynerdie2@gmail.com

Check out the KRUI (89.7 FM) radio for our Podcast listings online at https://KRUI.fm/.

With our Simply Nerdie clothing line, which is uniquely designed to uplift and inspire, we aim to bring awareness and help eliminate bullying in all forms. We endeavor to build positive self-esteem, self-respect and self-awareness in all individuals. www.simplynerdie.com

And together we can stop the bullying