Have you experienced bullying online, at school, or in your workplace?

Bullying affects individuals of all kinds. Whether it’s based on sexuality, race, gender, hobbies, religion, economic status, or other identifying characteristic, any group of people can be targeted.

At Simply Nerdie, our mission is to empower individuals to eradicate bullying of all kinds by being Nice, Educated, Respectful and Determined. Or, simply by being a N.E.R.D.

What is N.E.R.D.?

N.E.R.D.s transcend the artificial boundaries that separate us; deep down, we are all human beings that desire a group or community we can call a family. Simply Nerdie is here to help cultivate and provide that family.

The 4 B's of Bullying

1. The Bullied

We work to decrease bullying by helping those who are bullied to feel empowered and supported in being a N.E.R.D.

2. The Bully

We help the bully to understand how their bullying impacts the lives of others as well as themselves.

3. The Bully Blocker

We acknowledge the bully blocker actions and encourage them to assist others in taking a stand against bullying when they see it happen.

4. The Bystander

We help the bystander learn techniques they can use to interrupt bullying in action.

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Simply Nerdie Podcast

Our podcast gives professional insights, up to date statistics, and tools to stop and prevent bullying from taking place. Our guests’ experiences align with one of the B’s of bullying: the bullied, the bully blocker, the bully bystander, or the bully.

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