Let's Get Serious About Bullying!

Let's Get Serious About Bullying!

Well, a lot has happened and continues to happen since my last blog. There is a lot of bullying going on for sure. We hear about it in the media day in and day out. No solutions are ever offered. It amazes me, here we are in 2023 about to enter 2024, something that seemed like a lifetime in the making and now that it is upon us, it looks scary. Scary because from all accounts, bullying has been given a green light to continue without pausing for the flashing yellow light. Serious folks what is going on, our kids are committing suicide at a much younger age, the pressures of going to grade school is very stressful instead of something most kids would look forward to. Who are we kidding? We need to shed like on this dark menace that is affecting our youth. Children have many challenges today that did not exist 30 or 40 yrs ago. Our local schools are trying to keep kids safe from predators out there, like alarm systems and what to do in case of an active shooter etc. Unfortunately, the predator aka bully is already locked inside. We must do better as a society, the children are the future, we don’t want their lives to be cut short because of bystanders looking the other way. We all have a duty to help stop bullying.

What do you say?

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