Bullying Not A New Phenomenon

Bullying Not A New Phenomenon

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We continue to hear about bullying and children getting seriously hurt from being attacked by a bully or several bullies. The amount of bullying taking place can go unnoticed or under reported due to fear, threats, or nonaction taken when bullying has been reported, especially with children. It is our hope that schools have antibullying policies in place by now. The effects and numbers of children being bullied have only recently been tracked and recorded. Research is new. The government only began keeping stats on bullying since the early 2000s. So here we are in 2024 only 24 years or less of monitoring and coming up with interventions to curtail bullying.  Remind you, bullying has been talked about for eons. If I look at bullying from a biblical point of view, in Genesis, the first bullying would be between Cain and Abel. Two people, one wielding power over the other, rage, etc. and Cain slew his brother Abel. So, for eons, bullying has not gotten the attention it so desperately needed.How many children have been bullied, tolerated, impacted their well-being mentally, physically and emotionally. We dare not think over the past 100 years when a lot of bullying took place on this soil. Thank goodness Bullying has been given the attention it so desperately needs. In many schools’ action is taken when bullying takes place. With new technology comes new ways to bully others. We see this with Cyberbullying. Some facts about bullying: studies have found that anywhere between 9% and 98% of students have been bullied. This is only the tip of the iceberg as this can be broken down further to children with disabilities, children who identify as LGBTQ and minorities the list is endless.

Let me hear your thoughts and experiences with bullying!

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