Introduction to Anti-Bullying

Introduction to Anti-Bullying

Hello and welcome to reading my first Blog. I love reading and writing ever since I could hold a book or pencil in my hands. Now it has morphed into typing freely allowing me to express my thoughts, feelings and insights on this technology called blogging. A quick introduction for those of you who don’t know me nor ever heard of me. I welcome you all as I hope to use this platform to share something very dear to my heart as many of you will relate be it personal or someone you know have experienced the impact of bullying.

That’s right, bullying, and all of you may be able to give a personal account or have your own idea of what bullying is and the impact bullying has on individuals. It’s a tough topic to speak about because of its multifaceted effects it can have on individuals as well as collectively as a group. Bullying is not new. It has been around since man has been in existence. I think the earliest forms of bullying may have been what kicked Lucifer out of Heaven, or when Cain murdered his brother Abel because he wanted something he didn’t have, and if such a thing existed as a “caveman” what that was like to club someone being a bully.

All jokes aside Bullying is as real today as it has been since man’s existence. There was a time when bullying was swept under the carpet. Now, we recognize bullying is a huge problem and millions of people are impacted, young, old, rich, or poor, regardless of your ethnicity or gender.

I did some research some months back to where the word “bullying” got its name, can you believe in the 1500’s? We all know it just takes another person for bullying to take place. No one bullies themselves. I want to use this platform to inform, express, as well as allow you the reader to chime in. Our goal is to stop bullying in its tracks and there is so much we can do. It’s a matter of using tools and relearning some things that may seem basic at first glance.

No one wants to be bullied nor do we want others to know our encounter with bullying be it a few weeks ago or going back to childhood. Bullying has a history and a start time at Simply Nerdie we believe it has an end time and the time to end bullying is now. Let me hear your thoughts and experiences on bullying. Email me at

Signing off: Together we can stop the bullying.
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