Reflections on Tragedy and the Importance of Vigilance

Reflections on Tragedy and the Importance of Vigilance

Hello Simplynerdie Community

What a past few weeks this has bee!. I am still taking in the number of suicides and our recent school shooting in Perry Iowa. Sadly, the Principal of that school succumbed to his gunshot wounds 10 days later. My heart goes out to his family. His own children were not surprised their father would put himself in harms way to protect the other children (students). Words can’t express such sadness and pain that community is going through. We can all sympathize with grief, yet the pain of the shooting has lasting effects and so many questions as to how this could have been prevented. It’s natural to look at hindsight and wonder what could have prevented this from happening. We all must partake in community life. We may or may not know our neighbors or kids in the neighborhood like we use to. However, we can all be vigilant and when we see something do say something.  Adults, parents, teachers and other students must report bullying and take bullying seriously as we at Simplynerdie do. Bullying should never be tolerated and should be reported at the onset. Bullying takes place in many ways today as we did not have the social media and other means to humiliate, threaten and taunt others to shame. Please feel free to share your experience with Bullying, be it one of the 4 B’s of Bullying: The Bullied, The Bully, The Bystander or The Bully Blocker.


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