Happy New Years from Simply Nerdie

Happy New Years from Simply Nerdie

Hello Simply Nerdie Readers

It is a new year, yet there are some things we can easily leave behind in the old year, and for many people the old can come into the new year. I say this as many people still believe in making New Years resolutions. It sounds great but how many dread the new year because of what they endured in the previous year. I’m talking about the impact bullying has on individuals who have experienced bullying. Like many people, knowing the headlines in the news is important for whatever reason. I came across a survey on bullying in 2023/ According to “Youth Right Now” survey reported 40% of students reported they were bullied on school property. Of the 40% who were bullied, 55% never told an adult they were bullied. Additionally, that survey showed that 82% of students have been electronically bullied in the last year. News flash social media is working in overdriveWe see what different social communications are doing be it TikTok, Twitter (X), Facebook, or Instagram to name a few, there is good, and there is ugly. Things are being said or revealed about another individual without permission. Embarrassment, shame, anger, and suicide tends to increase when people are put on blast. It may seem insignificant to the person putting it out there, however for the person being exposed it is devastating to put it mildly. I hope people will begin to pay attention to what they showcase on social mediaand not use it as a “bully pulpit”. If they want to talk about themselves is one thing, however when you put things out there about other people, you can’t retrieve it, the harm, hurt and shame is long lasting and life changing. This year, I hope and pray people will not use the social platforms to bring others down. Let’s focus on lifting each other and others up this new year.


Happy New Year 2024

Simply Nerdie

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