"Beyond Brotherhood and Sisterhood: Unveiling the Realities of Pledging"

"Beyond Brotherhood and Sisterhood: Unveiling the Realities of Pledging"

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Hope you are being encouraged with these Blogs. I recently came across something that stuck in my mind. I have knownpeople who pledged sororities and fraternities, in the past and most recent. I don’t have anything against either, however I will say I know many who did not go through the hazing and become a “Brother or Sister”, it was just too much to grasp, take in and endure. Believe it or not, pledging can be a form of bullying and if you ask the person on the receiving end, they will tell you just that. The stats on college campuses are not short sighted as they have received many complaints from students and parents regarding their experiences with “pledging”. It is no joke as a few years ago a young man died of his injuries due to pledging a fraternity. Just ask his parents what this has done to them. Bullying is bullying and what may seem harmless to the bully is devastating to the person being bullied. The Bystander is just that, standing by, be it fear or this is “what I had to go through to pledge”.  There are no Bully Blocker(s) stepping up to the plate so to speak as they could prevent further damage, humiliation and so forth. As our children go off to college and universities parents must be mindful when their child says, they are thinking of pledging a sorority or fraternity. It sounds good in theory, however the fallout, experiences and impact can be lifelong.Today’s pledging is not the same as when our parents or past generations have experienced. I’m not saying fraternities and sororities are no go areas, I am saying have your antennas up.

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