Anti Bullying Month

Anti Bullying Month

Hello SimplyNerdie Community

Here we are in the month of October, and this is the month we recognize Anti Bullying Month as some of you may already be aware of, however my question to you- did you come up with an idea you shared with others during this special month? Share your ideas you put into action, let me know so I can share them on the blog. This month doesn’t get the platform it truly needs, as people are still being bullied in the workplace, in sports locker rooms, in classrooms on the playground.

Bullying is taking place in our government, on and off the field. Recent data tells us 38% of people experience cyberbullying. Foreign national students experience even more cyberbullying. We are all familiar with TikTok even if we don’t post anything, yet it is reported TikTok “received more requests to remove child bullying posts than any other social platform in Australia”, what about here in the USA? A warning to parents, cyberbullying takes place on every social platform, from YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok and Facebook. Years ago, we saw adds like: “Parents do you know where your children are?” Today, it’s “Parents do you know what your child is doing on different social media platforms? These are the things that come into a child’s safe place. Bullying has a great impact on society. We can all become “bully blockers”.

Most importantly don’t ignore bullying when it takes place. Until then: Together we can stop the bullying!

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